Since 1873 we have carefully preserved the essence and traditions of the hills of Maremma Tuscany

Farm and Products

We produce wine and olive oil from our groves and vineyards that has the intensity of the very flavour of this land helped by the clay soil, the stones, the sun that shines for most of the year and the soft sea breeze.


Peruzzo offers its guests a variety of activities, all in direct contact with nature : you can take a leisurely stroll or the more energetic Nordic Walking, go running, ride a bicycle or a horse along its paths. You are sure to meet a few animals too and, in all seasons, there will be flowers and fruit to pick.

In the Vicinity

In Maremma the buildings blend into the unspoiled natural environment, which stretches from the peaks of Mount Amiata, through woods and fields, down to the sea. When you arrive, you will find all the information necessary to discovery this area in a great big book.

The Nature Zoo

In Peruzzo there are lots of different kinds of animals living in the fenced fields. If you approach the fence cautiously and stop to observe them, perhaps offering something for them to eat, at first they will look at you waringly but slowly they will trust you and it will be an emotional experience.

The houses, which can accommodate between 2 to 8 people, are independent and have every comfort.
Each one looks out over its own private garden with lush beautifully kept green lawns,
with secular trees and shrubs that flower throughout the seasons.