Maremma was a poor region, so much so that its most famous dish is called “acqua cotta” (cooked water), a kind of soup of which the sole certain ingredient is water, into which is cooked anything that from time to time can be found: a few beans, pieces of bread, spinach, a piece of rind and, on the luckiest days, even an egg. In these times of artificial foods this simple cuisine, made of intense, authentic flavours, is something to value. 

In summer at the Osteria del Cinghiale we organize once a week a dinner or a tasting aperitif “al fresco” that helps to savour and appreciate the local dishes. The menu is fixed and the products are carefully selected from the best local producers. 


Sit on either side of the long table, and enjoy bruschetta and croutons, prosciutto and salamis, the pastas and soups, the pork and wild boar stews, and the many vegetables from Paolo’s vegetable patch, all lavishly washed down with wine and oil from Peruzzo. 

Children at some point will leave the table to run around or play hide and seek and you’ll be chatting to the person next to you as night falls and the lights come on among the tree tops.

In the farm we have a thousand different kinds of honey and jams: acacia, chestnut, millefiori, heather and Sulla honey, and jams that vary with the seasons, pear, apricot, peach, marmalade and onion and then the onion and peppers compotes to accompany cheese.