The Nature Zoo

The Nature Zoo

In Peruzzo there are lots of different kinds of animals living in the fenced fields. If you approach the fence cautiously and stop to observe them, perhaps offering something for them to eat, at first they will look at you waringly but slowly they will trust you and it will be an emotional experience.

morganaYou will meet  the sweet roe deer Morgana who, when she was a baby,  was nursed for several month with milk bottle.

In other fields there are deer, muflon, fallow deer. They live in separate herds, where the oldest dominating male, is the boss


The muflons, very similar to goats but smaller, have light coloured eyes with a dark slit irises and large curved antlers. The antlers of deer, fallow and roe deer fall off every year, just before the birth of the young and grow back in the summer with new branches.

And then lastly, in a large fenced enclosure between Serratina and Belvedere, there are the wild boar, who are the symbol of the Maremma and the mascots of Peruzzo, in addition to our fodder: take them your stale bread, fruit and potato peelings and anything you do not want to eat. 

They will reward you by running up to meet you and grunting loudly, enjoy it all.