Olive Oil and Olive Groove

The olive groves in Peruzzo, which date back to the late nineteenth century, extend for 60 hectares from the farm in the hills down to the plains and there are about 7000 trees. Annually they produce 140 tons of extra virgin olive oil.

Peruzzo’s olive groves

The olive green-silver leaves of the olive tree characterise the landscape of Peruzzo. Some groves have large ancient trees planted at quite a distant from each other because they were planted when the farmers united the growing of olives to that of vines and grains.

After the fifties, with the end of sharecropping, some olive groves were intensified to increase production, facilitate mechanical harvesting and reduce the cost of cultivation. 

The groves are a clever combination of clones of various species of olive (frantoio, correggiolo, moraiolo, leccino, pendolino and maremmano) and are pruned in the spring according to a three-year rotation.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Peruzzo”

For 150 years the olive trees in Peruzzo have been producing an extra virgin olive oil which has a fresh flavour with a slightly bitter aftertaste that leaves a pleasant persistence on the palate. The olives are harvested with the help of long electric rakes that shake the branches making the olives fall onto the nets spread under the trees. 

From here they are put into boxes and then into crates to be daily transported to the mill where they are immediately pressed by a process of mechanical cold pressing.

This produces an extra virgin olive IGT (Geographical Indication Tuscany) with an intense colour, which maintains the organoleptic characteristics and its natural substances with an acidity of less than 0.4%. 

We recommend storing it in a cool, dark place, preferably in dark glass or stainless steel containers.

olio_frantoioThe traditional line of olive oil “Il Peruzzo” is produced with olives picked in November, when the fruits are completely ripened, it is made from a mixture of various different species of olives (frantoio, correggiolo, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino and maremmano) pressed at the Cooperative Terre dell'Etruria in Vignale (Piombino).

The cultivar line of olive oil “Il Peruzzo” is however produced from only correggiolo and moraiolo olives picked from the middle of October, before they are fully ripened, and pressed at the mill Franci in Montenero d’Orcia, Mount Amiata. The selection of these olives combined with the early harvest produces an oil that has a more pronounced flavour (fruity).

The Olive oil “Il Peruzzo” is not found in shops or other traditional markets but is sold directly to customers either at the farm or sent by courier anywhere in Italy or abroad. The Olive oil is packaged on the farm in 5 or 3 litre cans or in 0,750 litre green bottles.


  • Box with 2 cans of 5 litres of traditional Olive oil “Il Peruzzo 2022” 148 euro at farm
  • Box with 2 cans of 5 litres of cultivar Olive oil “Il Peruzzo2022” 164 euro at farm
  • Box with 6 bottles of 0.75 litres of traditional oil “Il Peruzzo 2022”  126 euro at farm
  • Box with 6 bottles of 0.75 litres of cultivar Olive oil “Il Peruzzo 2022” 138 euro at farm

Shipping costs by express courier in Italy and abroad vary according to the quantity ordered and the destination.