Wine and Vineyards

The vineyards at Peruzzo

The vineyard at Peruzzo extends now for about one and half hectares, on the flattest part of the farm, where it was planted in 1973. Today it mainly produces  Sangiovese IGT Maremma Toscana grapes and a small quantity of Trebbiano, which for the most part are sold to major wineries in the area. A small part of the production is however intended for the vinification of our own wines under the careful supervision of Ezechiele, expert organic and biodynamic cellarman.

The vineyard at Peruzzo, which from above looks like a great big green lawn, was planted in 1973 using the Tendone system. In those days Maremma was still unknown as a land of wines and indeed it was thought that due to its dry climate it was unsuitable for the cultivation of vines.For this reason at Peruzzo it was decided to adopt a tendone plantation, which protects our grapes during hot and dry summer.

In the last years  the wineyeard has been menaged with organic and biodynamic farming metods, with the aim of promoting the vitality of the land, eliminating any chemical synthesis substance.


Peruzzo Wines

A small part of the grapes of harvested at Peruzzo is used for the vinification of our own wines at a nearby winery that also handles the bottling in bottles of 0,750 litres each. 

With them we produce two  red and a white, they are good genuine wines that are a great accompaniment with various Tuscan dishes and they are named after the streams that cross the farm.

We opted for a vinification through spontaneous fermentations, withouth selected yeasts or chemestry addition, to allow the wines to best express our terroir.  

VEROLLA 2022 IGT Maremma Toscana white trebbiano ORGANIC grapes, fermented and aged in amphorae 12.5%

POGGIO A PAOLO 2016 IGT Maremma Toscana Sangiovese red grapes aged in French oak barrels  for two year 13.5 %

RIGOMALE 2022 IGT Maremma Toscana Sangiovese with ORGANIC red grapes, fermented and aged in amphorae 12.5%

Peruzzo wines are not found for sale in shops or traditional ways but are sold directly to the customers either at the farm or by a courier service anywhere in Italy or abroad.


 Box with 6 bottles of VEROLLA 2022- 72 euro  at farm 

 Box with 6 bottles of POGGIO A PAOLO  2016 -132 euro at farm

 Box with 6 bottles of RIGOMALE 2022 - 72 euro at farm

Shipping costs by express courier in Italy and abroad vary according to the quantity and the destination.