The Woodlands

Running alongside the olive groves there is a wood of about 120 hectares that rises from the plain right up to the main house at Peruzzo with cork trees, holm oaks, oaks and maremma bush which changes colour with the seasons.

strada_con_cipressiThe woods, crossed by paths, provides the possibility of suggestive walks where you can see the flora and fauna of Maremma.

The woods were originally an integral part of estate’s agricultural activity, it was regularly cut and the wood that was cut was sold directly by the farm or converted into charcoal. 

Today Peruzzo wood is not coppiced and the tall trees add to the charm of the landscape by reducing the growth of underbrush.

Only cork oaks are debarked every 10 years between July and August, stripping them of a sort of protection that covers them, this is used to make corks for wine and sparkling wine or as a insulating materials for building or industry.


The part of the trunk where the cork is stripped becomes a bright red colour which gradually lessens with the regrowth of the bark. Today the woods are an ideal place for walking: along the paths that cross it, you can go from the farm to the vineyards on the plain or venture further up hill to the village of Roccatederighi, and back on to the municipal asphalt road.   


Everywhere there are streams, large boulders, holm oaks, cork oaks, strawberry tree bushes, myrtle and then broom, heather, wild roses in a landscape that changes with the changing seasons, which turns yellow and red in autumn and in spring is the colour of the wild scented flowers.

There are also many wild fruits that grow in different seasons, in the spring chestnuts, blackberries, strawberry, wild asparagus and in the autumn a variety of mushrooms, including caesar’s mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.