To avoid the isolation of the countryside there is wifi at Peruzzo, which includes the farmhouses and the pool area. Sit in in the garden or near the windows, because the old walls are very thick, and happy surfing!

If instead, to really be able to relax, you need extra help for cleaning, cooking or looking after the children, we have dedicated staff who, on request, can help.

To discover the many undiscovered beauty spots of Maremma, we provide you with a great big book, where we have put brochures and information about tourism and gastronomy, about our farm and the local area, our products, and then information about the shops and restaurants in the area, about the artistic, archaeological or nature sites, about the thermal baths, cellars or sports activities. Read it at pleasure and if something intrigues you ask for more details.

We can also organize tourist, nature and sports itineraries, putting you in touch with the many people who work in the area to promote the beauty of Maremma.

Riccardo and Mariella, in Roccatederighi, in addition to being tour guides, offer bikes for rent, cycling itineraries and assistance of various kinds.

To discover Maremma on horseback, we recommend Chiara who, depending on your abilities and requests can arrange rides and lessons.

If you would like to spend a day fishing, contact Paolo and set sail on his boat from Talamone to cast the nets and fish and swim in the coves of the Parco dell'Uccelina, and round off the day by eating the fish you caught. 

A real artistic experience is had by visiting the Garden of sounds by Paul Fusch, a sculptor originally from Bavaria who for many years lived in Maremma and in the countryside of Boccheggiano has scattered his big metal sculptures, harmoniously inserted into the surrounding countryside which move and make sounds.