• Rather than the highly technological city gyms Peruzzo offers a fresh air approach to sports.


Near the Holiday homes there is an 80 metre open-air swimming pool which has been built to blend into the surrounding area shaped like a lake with natural local stone paving. 

Next to the adult pool which is 1.5 metres deep, there is a small children’s pool of only 0.5 metres deep. It is surrounded by lawns, hugh rocks, plants and flowering bushes, under the pergola there is a ping pong table and on the lawn below the pool a basket ball net and a goal where football can be played. 


The 500 hectares of the estate are full of paths and dirt tracks, where you can run or go for long walks as far as the roads which go to the nearby villages or the trekking paths made by the Commune of Roccastada

The same can be used by bike. For the more enthusiastic cyclists we would recommend trying the Peruzzo Provincial road which, with its 20% gradient, is an inviting challenge for the local sportsmen.

passeggiata_a_cavalloHorses lovers can bring their own horses to Peruzzo while hunters, in the winter season, can see the of migration of flocks of birds or take part in a wild boar shoot.

There are also many wild berries and fruits to pick like blackberries, figs, horse chestnuts, wild asparagus and mushrooms with which to prepare delicious meals.