The Marrucchi Family

Peruzzo is a real "family" run farm where, depending on the season, you will meet all the Marrucchi's .

First and foremost there is Carla, who since retiring have moved to Maremma with Giuseppe (know as Bepi) and now with passion and commitment she is carring on the project started with her husband, project that in the  present, she shares with the new Marrucchi’s generation.


famiglia_MarrucchiThey all have their own role in the running of Peruzzo: Giuseppe, who was a director of the Fiat Groupused to spend his days in the office surrounded by computers and papers organizing the work on the farm and taking care of the accounts. We can still sense his reassuring presence, in the large office and in the thousand of improvements he has done over the years in the farm.

Carla, born and raised in Milan but now fully converted to country life, was an art teacher and today welcomes the guests.

Giulia, who has a degree in History of Art, combines freelance work in her field and the management of the farm (as in the past happened with Bepi, you will alway find her  in the  office), while Elisa, a freelance illustrator who speaks English, deals with the guests.

And that's not all, there are Elisa's children, Margherita and Luca and her husband Alessandro, Mia and Tua the Dogs and the bossy cat Blu, and then uncles and cousins and various relatives visiting or just passing through.

At the end of your holiday we hope that you too will feel in some way part of our family!